photo of a deer killed by Bert Crossonphoto of a deer killed by Bert Crossonphoto of a deer killed by Bert Crosson

Hunter: Bert Crosson

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Mitchell

Season: 2015-2016

Hunt Story

Sunday afternoon (9/13) was the first opportunity I had to climb a tree during opening weekend. Hunted an area of mixed hardwoods and pines that I knew was holding several good bucks. I'd run cameras in the area since early June and had watched these bucks develop over the course of the last 3 months. I'd also gotten lots of pictures of these bucks during 2014. The afternoon hunt was great with me seeing several gobblers as well as several doe and fawns. As the sun set and light was fading fast, a bachelor group of bucks came in and began feeding approximately 22 yards away from me. I immediately recognized the wide, heavy 8-point whose horns were still covered in velvet. I waited until the buck turned broadside and took the shot. Although initially I felt good about the shot, I then began second guessing myself and the shot. I decided to wait almost 2 hours before going to look. I found the deer approximately 150 yards from where I'd shot him.
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