photo of a deer killed by Benny Overholtphoto of a deer killed by Benny Overholtphoto of a deer killed by Benny Overholt

Hunter: Benny Overholt

Points: 30 (15L, 15R)

County: Macon

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

Having seen this buck of a lifetime opening day evening and not getting a shot caused a very long and stressful weekend. My next hunt on Monday evening I stayed on the edge of his bedding area. With 30 minutes of shooting light, I caught movement at 65 yards. With one glance thru binoculars I knew it was him. I then focused on remaining calm and getting a shot. I prayed if I was to get a shot that it would be a lethal one. I drew back as he approached the lane I was hunting. He steps on lane and angles right to me at 33 yds. I remember thinking what angle is best — front, thru, or behind shoulder. I chose the crease behind the shoulder. Instantly I regretted my shot. In my mind I hit back 3 1/2 inches which would be all gut. I watched him run 100 yards and on to a lane. I knew with this shot I needed to let him lay a number of hours. So we gave him 6 hours and took a dog to track. Long story short, the deer ran 20 yards from where I had last saw him. The shot placement was better than I had played through my mind (a thousand times). He had died very quickly. It was truly humbling to harvest such a magnificent creature. Memories for a lifetime.
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