photo of a deer killed by Beau Collinsphoto of a deer killed by Beau Collinsphoto of a deer killed by Beau Collins

Hunter: Beau Collins

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Wilcox

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Hunted a big field until 8 am and only say a single doe around 7 am. Got down to go change the batteries in a camera around 8:30 but decided to ease into a clearcut that I have been wanting to put a stand on. As soon as I got into the the shorter brush I saw a buck moving out into the clearcut. I lost him for a few minutes but finally picked up some movement around 60 yards away but could only see his head. It was then I realized there were two big bucks together. I think they finally knew I was there but weren’t real sure and they decided to move back toward the woods. I picked out a small window that they had to cross and got ready. I wasn’t exactly sure what the first buck was that crossed but I knew we wasn’t as big as the one I got a good look at, so I waited. As soon as the second one crossed, I made the shot. I saw him kick and run back to my right. I moved as fast as I could to see which direction he went. It was a good thing I did that because I didn’t find any sign of a hit until 30 yards down the trail. He only made it about 30 yards further before he wedged himself under a huge fallen tree. I only had daytime photos of this deer in mid November for just a few minutes one day and one morning a few weeks prior that my cell cameras alerted me he moving but he was 300 yards away. He never came out into the field and I thought that would be as close as I got until next year since he so rarely showed up anywhere close to daylight hours.
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