photo of a deer killed by Barden Revellephoto of a deer killed by Barden Revellephoto of a deer killed by Barden Revelle

Hunter: Barden Revelle

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Gilmer

Season: 2022-2023

Hunt Story

I arrived at the area I wanted to hunt an hour before daylight. Due to trucks parked there I went to an area I was unfamiliar with. No vehicles were around. After daybreak I eased into the woods and scouted. I hunted a natural drain between a low flowing branch and a ridge, flat on top. Instinct was my reason for picking this spot. There were old rubs but nothing from this season. Halfway through my 10 o`clock sandwich I saw a deer walking fast coming from the branch. It was a doe. Shortly thereafter I saw a buck paralleling the first deer. Both were in a fast walk. I had to catch the buck when he crossed an opening. First shot was a little high and behind the lungs. The buck didn't slow at first, but then he stopped for a second, then started the fast walk again. He was about to get to where I couldn't see him, when I made a quick shot through both shoulders. He then ran towards me and piled up. The rest of the story is a long downhill drag. Thank you Lord for the DOWNHILL drag, as I was hunting alone. It was a good day. I drove to the WMA from Dallas, killed a nice buck, and was back home by 3 p.m. This was my 4th deer this year.
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