photo of a deer killed by Barden Revellephoto of a deer killed by Barden Revellephoto of a deer killed by Barden Revelle

Hunter: Barden Revelle

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Gordon

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

The first day of the November Johns Mtn. WMA hunt, I hunted at the bottom of a high hill where the mixed timber met planted pines. In the morning, from my stand I watched does running around just below the top of the hill. After the morning hunt, I checked out the hill top and discovered a very big rub. I moved up the hill for the evening hunt. I saw no movement that evening. I relocated my Tree Lounge to the opposite side of the hill top. Actually, I intended for my wife to hunt this spot, but arriving after I did, she elected to hunt a box stand on our club. Our club borders the WMA. The second morning was beautiful. The temp was in the 30s, the leaves had some color, finally, and I had a good feeling about the hunt. My spirit waned a little as the morning progressed, as nothing stirred. Not a bird, squirrel, or chipmunk was present, which was a big change from the prior morning. I settled back, as I remembered the years past and all the deer I killed after 10, 11, even 1 o'clock. I only heard a handful of shots the whole morning, some on the WMA, and some on private land. Suddenly, at 10:30, I spotted the old boy coming out of the hollow at a moderate walk. I had to catch him between trees, not an easy task. Yeah, I've hollered or whistled in the past and made a FEW of them stop, but this deal was happening fast. I caught him crossing the last possible opening, squeezed off a quick shot, and said a prayer. The old boy acted like he was hit. He increased his speed a little, then his gait changed. I saw him lurch to one side as he disappeared in the yellow leaves. I usually wait at least an hour to get down after a shot, but I had a good feeling about this one. I waited 35 minutes, got down, and immediately found plenty of blood. I slipped along the trail, rifle ready, for about 50 yards. He lay dead, no movement, eyes dimming. A quick end of life for a fine buck. The Bergara 30/06 had done its job. A perfect heart shot. Thank you Lord, once again.
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