photo of a deer killed by Aubrey Jacobsphoto of a deer killed by Aubrey Jacobsphoto of a deer killed by Aubrey Jacobs

Hunter: Aubrey Jacobs

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Polk

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

This was Aubrey’s third-ever deer. She shot a spike with upper canines for her first in 2019 and a doe in 2021. Since then she wanted to hold out for a good buck. Over two seasons she has had close calls and passed many deer. On Saturday October 28th, thinks worked out as good as anyone could ever hope. Within minutes of getting in a blind on the edge of a pasture the buck was spotted through the fog feeding by himself at 250 years. Just as legal shooting light arrived, the buck started trotting toward the blind as if he read a script. At 50 yards, Aubrey’s dad stopped him with a grunt. Aubrey’s nerves got the best of her and the first shot was a clean miss. The deer ran but was stopped with another load grunt at 120 yards and Aubrey second shot from her .308 was on the money. The deer went about 100 yards into the field and piled up. He is among the biggest ever killed on the family farm in Polk County.
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