photo of a deer killed by Ashley Kirbyphoto of a deer killed by Ashley Kirbyphoto of a deer killed by Ashley Kirby

Hunter: Ashley Kirby

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Gwinnett

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My husband dropped me off at the stand around 3:30. I sat for a good two hours before the woods started coming alive, then out walked an 8-point buck, and a few minutes later this beautiful 10-pointer slowly walked into view, and the 8-pointer walked off to my left. I adjusted my bow to see him in the scope because he was a little far back for a good clean shot, as I adjusted I hear a deer blow, I’d been spotted, it came from the same spot the 8-pointer walked off to, I thought he was gone. The blow alerted the 10-pointer and he walked off to my left not giving me a good shot. Discouraged I text my husband saying that I saw the 10 but I was blown at by the 8-pointer. My husband told me, “Just be patient, he’ll be back.” He was right, 25 minutes later I hear movement to my left again and out he walked, he came right to the open spot I needed him to come. As I got myself ready putting him in my crosshairs, I hear something coming from behind me which had the 10-pointer looking directly in my direction, 5 feet from my spot a basket 6-pointer comes out and I could barely breathe just praying he wouldn’t see me. Luckily he didn’t and the 10-pointer started eating. As soon as he gave me a good side stance I took the shot. He bucked up, trotted then he slowed down and walked off. Ten minutes later I came out praying to God that I got a good shot, I saw blood, I GOT HIM! The best part was having my boys there seeing how happy they were for me and how proud they were.
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