photo of a deer killed by Anthony Goffphoto of a deer killed by Anthony Goffphoto of a deer killed by Anthony Goff

Hunter: Anthony Goff

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Franklin

Season: 2018-2019

Hunt Story

Was trying to get my wife her first deer. Arrived at the deer stand at 7:10 am. I am a left-handed shooter and my wife is a right-handed shooter, and we are both using the same gun. I told her that sitting in the stand that the left hand side was hers and the right side mine, because it would make it easier to shoot for both of us. About 8 a.m. we saw 7 deer come through, but none of them offered her a shot they were moving too quick. Didn't see anything for 30 minutes after that, then around 9 a.m. she spotted a deer standing off to the left of her standing in some hardwoods. She said it was a buck, so I grab a grunt tube and my bleat can call. We didn't know exactly how big this deer was because we had never seen him before until now. I started bleating at him to try to lure him for a closer shot for my wife. I had a couple of shooting lanes I had picked out I wanted him to stop. He came walking in slow, I stopped him with my mouth doing a grunt call. He stopped for a few seconds and my wife tried to find him in the scope her first attempt. He started walking off, then he was in my second shooting lane I had picked out. Then I stopped him a second time with a grunt noise from my mouth. Again she tried to find the deer in the scope, but couldn't find him. So I asked her calmly for the rifle since he was moving into my side, and we didn't want him to get away. Because we wanted the meat for the freezer, but I didn't realize how nice of a rack this deer had. He started walking away, and I stopped him one more time with my mouth. He stood still and his head was behind a big poplar tree, but his right shoulder was exposed to where I could make a shot at him. I shot at him and he took off running right away through some thick stuff out of sight. I was sure I got a good shot at him, but we gave him 30 minutes before we went and tried to recover him. I marked a tree where he was standing last. We found blood and hair on the ground where he was standing when I shot him. We found lung blood while tracking him. He ran about 40 yards, and when we found him I asked my wife if this was my deer twice, and she said yes this is your deer. I just couldn't believe it. This deer had a big body and a really nice 5x5 10-point rack. We attempted to drag him out, it took us about an hour to drag him 60 yards.
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