photo of a deer killed by Ansley Youngphoto of a deer killed by Ansley Youngphoto of a deer killed by Ansley Young

Hunter: Ansley Young

Points: 14 (8L, 6R)

County: Worth

Season: 2017-2018

Hunt Story

My dad and I left home as the sun was coming up. On the way to the farm we saw a doe on the dirt road. As we got close, my dad saw a nice buck in our pasture right beside us chasing another doe. He asked if I wanted to hunt there or go to our stand at the farm. I told him I wanted to hunt where we just saw the buck, but he said we didn't have a stand on that farm, so he talked me into going to the other farm. On our way we saw eight more deer before we got to the stand. After we settled in, we saw a little buck chasing a doe. Later we saw a 6-point that we had seen the day before. Then we saw a doe by herself. After that it got quiet for a long time. I told daddy I wanted to go, he said in 30 minutes. In 30 minutes, which seemed like an hour, I asked if we could go, he said in 10 minutes. In 10 minutes I asked again, he said if we don't see a deer in 10 minutes I'll give you $10, if we do you owe me $10. I guess I'm lucky, because nine minutes later we saw this deer. My dad looked at him through his scope and told me he was a shooter, so I found him in my scope, but my dad said the deer was in too much cover so he told me not to shoot. We watched him slowly walk away never giving me a shot. Dad had used his grunt call earlier, so I told him to try it. Five minutes later my dad saw him come back out heading for our shooting lane. He told me to get my gun up and look down the lane. He said when the deer stopped to shoot him. When the deer finally came out he kept walking. My dad used his grunt call, but the deer wouldn't stop, so he grunted with his mouth really loud. The buck stopped and I shot him right behind the shoulder. I told my dad I couldn't stop shaking after I shot the deer, he told me I had buck fever.
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