photo of a deer killed by Ann Lesterphoto of a deer killed by Ann Lesterphoto of a deer killed by Ann Lester

Hunter: Ann Lester

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Macon

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I got up the stand and was setting up. About 10 minutes after climbing up, I saw him walk out. I was actually texting my brother in law. I texted him I was about to shoot a buck. He said breath, and so I did. I knew he was just passing through and not staying. He walked about 50 yards, and I couldn’t see him, and then he started to walk a trail where I knew I only had a little window of time. He stepped into sight between two trees. There was a bunch of branches and stuff in front of me, this leaving not even half a foot to make the shot. I waited for him to step once and “baaad” at him. He stopped, and at 15 yards I took that shot of a lifetime. He ran off and stopped 10 yards behind my stand. I couldn’t really see all of him, just knew it was him. I put another arrow in and right as I released he dropped dead already. My second arrow just stuck in the ground. Everything happened in less than 5 minutes. Then it hit me what had just happened! It’s amazed me how instinct took over my adrenaline rush brain. I’m entered into a local hunting competition and had to get him scored. Well he ended up being 153 3/8! It was a hunt of a lifetime, and I’m grateful enough to have been the one to experience it.
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