photo of a deer killed by Andy Ganas Jrphoto of a deer killed by Andy Ganas Jrphoto of a deer killed by Andy Ganas Jr

Hunter: Andy Ganas Jr

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Early

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

The weather on October 2nd was one those days where if your a deer hunter you had to be in the stand. Temps dropped 10 degrees from 3 pm to 7 pm in the afternoon and the barometric pressure was on the rise. The intent of this hunt was for a buck named "Flytrap", but there was also another deer named "Moose" that I had already seen and passed earlier in the season. After agreeing with the neighbors that Moose was just too good of a buck to pass on this year he was added to the list of shooter bucks should he make a second appearance. On a quick side note I want to say communication with neighbors is key to growing trophy animals and I am very fortunate to have good neighbors, as well as be part of the Spring Creek COOP here in Early County. The hunt begin with a wind shift on our walk into the stand that was completely wrong for the stand on an afternoon hunt. However, both my camera man, Langdon Attaway, and I had a pair of ozonics at our disposal so we decided to roll the dice. I can say we were literally covered up with deer from 5:30 until dark. Deer would smell and scent check the wind but they were never able to nail down what the scent was in the air. In my opinion based on their response, the ozone was all their noses were able to detect. At a little after 7 pm there were several mature does and yearlings feeding downwind at 20 yards when Moose approached from behind the stand to make his way to where the does were feeding. He came in to 19 yards downwind of our setup and then I let the arrow fly. Very thankful and very excited to get a second chance on a phenomenal south GA stud. Clips from the hunt should be available on my Instagram page within the [email protected] Thanks and appreciate everything GON does for promoting the outdoors in GA and beyond!
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