photo of a deer killed by Andy Croftphoto of a deer killed by Andy Croftphoto of a deer killed by Andy Croft

Hunter: Andy Croft

Points: 17 (10L, 7R)

County: Colquitt

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

My stand is located where planted pines meet a swamp bottom. I have a free choice feeder with ear corn on the ground placed 85 yards in front of the stand. I arrived at the stand around 6:00 pm. Soon after arriving a doe came to the feeder and began to feed. After having fed for a few minutes movement caught my eye. A 4 point buck came in with his head down as though he was chasing a doe in heat. They ran out of sight. In a few minutes the doe came back to the feeder. movement caught my eye once more. The 4-point was now accompanied by an 8 point buck. The 4-point and the 8-point began to spar with each other. They eventually got out of my line of sight. A few minutes later the 4-point came back to the feeder and began chasing the doe once again. This continued for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Eventually both the doe and 4-point left the area. After some time had passed I observed another deer emerge from the swamp bottom about halfway between me and the feeder. The deer then turned and began to walk toward me. I looked through my scope and could see that it was a buck with large antlers. As he was making his way toward me he turned just slightly to his right giving me a partial broadside shot. I fired my rifle and the deer ran. I listened for the deer to fall. I heard what I believed was the deer falling and kicking on the ground. I waited just a few minutes and got out of my stand and went to my truck to get a flashlight. I then went to the spot where I believed the deer was standing when I fired. I did not find blood at the spot. I began to walk in the direction the deer ran and soon found him lying dead.
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