photo of a deer killed by Andrew Mercerphoto of a deer killed by Andrew Mercerphoto of a deer killed by Andrew Mercer

Hunter: Andrew Mercer

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Lamar

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

This was my third hunt of the year. First time in this part of the land my in-laws own. We don’t have a stand on that part so I brought a chair to sit on instead of the ground. I had 5 does and cull buck come out about an hour prior to harvesting my deer. I took a shot at the cull buck about 120 yards away and missed. So after the shot I thought my hunt would be over but I still had 3 does hanging around so I decided to stay. They finally left and about 20 minutes after they left I had buck come within 15 yards on my right. I didn’t have a shot on him but was trying to. At that time I happened to look up where the does had been and seen a deer. Was able to get my scope up and saw he was a shooter and decided to go for him instead. 120 yards away again I missed, twice! He stopped and I got a better aim and shot. He dropped! I knew he was a big deer but not until I got my hands on him is when I realized how big. He is my biggest to date and I am so happy and lucky I got the opportunity to harvest him.
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