photo of a deer killed by Andrew Hallmanphoto of a deer killed by Andrew Hallmanphoto of a deer killed by Andrew Hallman

Hunter: Andrew Hallman

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Meriwether

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I lease some land here in Meriwether County along with a few friends and fellow hunters. I've been hunting on this section of land for 7 years now. It always seems to produce some nice bucks year after year. The property is a nice mix of land, some low bottom wet areas along with some rocky ridges covered in oaks. There is a 40-acre field on the property and I built and placed a rather large box stand in the field a few years ago. It’s pretty big and I can fit myself and all my sons in the stand. Probably could fit the whole family in it! LOL! It’s easy to access, comfy, dry, and even warm when I fire up the heater! Perfect for my kids just starting out their hunting. We had a feeling that with the recent weather change and the drop in temperatures this morning, that it would be a good time to be in the deer woods. My middle son Andrew, who is 10 years old, eager to go hunting and be in the woods any chance he gets, was up early this morning and ready to go. After a quick stop for a sausage biscuit at Williams Grocery in Haralson, we got into the box stand right before sunrise. He loaded a few 30-30 Win cartridges into his Marlin 336 Youth and was ready. About 10 mins after sunrise, we spotted a deer crossing the southern end of the field at about 300 yards away. I took a look through my binoculars and saw it was a nice 8 pointer that I have gotten several trail cam photos of, one of a few nice bucks in the area I have on camera. I gave a solid grunt call and he stopped dead in his tracks, looking towards us. I gave a couple more grunt calls and he changed his course and began trotting directly towards us. He closed the distance quick, about 250 yards in moments, bringing him to within 50 yards where he stopped, broadside to the stand. My son Andrew raised his rifle and placed the cross-hairs of the scope behind the bucks left shoulder and squeezed the trigger. The buck gave a kick but did not go down immediately, fearing a bad shot I told him to rack another round and shoot him again. He did quickly and shot again, hitting the buck a little further to the rear, but it was enough to bring him down. After some high fives, a prayer and giving the buck some time, we made a short track and recovered his first deer. A nice buck! To say I am very proud of my son Andrew would be an understatement. Thanks to GON for all the great articles and information over the years. I am new at hunting myself, having started only 7 years ago, I did not grow up hunting - I have a case of "adult onset hunting." Having GON as a reliable resource for information has been a huge help and I tell new hunters I know that they need to subscribe. I am happy to say that I have started the hunting tradition in my family and we plan on doing it for many years to come.
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