photo of a deer killed by Dwight Witcherphoto of a deer killed by Dwight Witcherphoto of a deer killed by Dwight Witcher

Hunter: Dwight Witcher

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Madison

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

I wasn’t able to hunt this stand on opening day because according to Moultrie Cell Camera I had deer already at my corn pile that showed this buck and a few others... so I hunted another area. So I planned to try agin this morning, and according to my camera At 0530 this morning, there were not any deer at my stand, so I hurried up and got dress and started my 15 minute walk to my stand. Once I got settled in my stand, about 20 mins later I could hear something walking in, however it was still too dark see what it was. So about 10 minutes before light I could hear two bucks sparring, and right at first light I could vaguely see them and saw that they were both pretty nice bucks, of which I have ton of pictures of them and does. Because I already had my bow on my lap, I clipped my release on the d loop and draw back on the buck that was slight larger than my buck, however he moved and walking away. Then the buck that I harvested walked right in front of me and dropped his head, and I placed my arrow perfectly in between his should blades and he ran 30 yards and crashed! It was an amazing morning.
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