photo of a deer killed by Amelia Walstadphoto of a deer killed by Amelia Walstadphoto of a deer killed by Amelia Walstad

Hunter: Amelia Walstad

Points: 10 (4L, 6R)

County: Walton

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

The night prior to our hunt, Amelia selected where she wanted to sit. She wanted to go back to the blind where she killed a doe last year. The blind is a food plot that is approximately seven acres, named Chaquita, due to the banana shape of the field. It creates a pinch point in the middle, and just so happens to be the lowest point on the field (Natural Funnel), creating an excellent crossing point for deer. We left camp before sunrise and headed to the stand. Upon exiting the SxS, I noticed that Amelia was missing something fairly important. She did not have her gun with her. We hustled back to the camp to retrieve her gun from the case. We finally arrived back to the blind just after daylight. We were up the blind no more than 10 minutes, when a doe and her two yearlings entered the top end of the field and began to feed. After watching them for a good 20-30 minutes, I noticed movement in the bottom of the field. I quickly looked through my binoculars and noticed it was a good mature buck. I looked and saw that he had his unicorn in the middle of his head and knew he was a buck that I watched grow the entire summer. As Amelia began to aim, I slowly clicked the safety off the gun and she said she was ready. The deer was walking slowly, so I grunted with my voice to get him to stop. She immediately took the shot and the buck went 40 yards and flipped over leaving the edge of the field. We sat in the blind for an additional hour and half. During that time, we had several other does entered the field and Amelia harvested one of those as well. We have practiced shooting, which has paid off because every shot was right on. Congratulations on a great deer, Amelia!
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