photo of a deer killed by Allen Cainphoto of a deer killed by Allen Cainphoto of a deer killed by Allen Cain

Hunter: Allen Cain

Points: 13 (5L, 8R)

County: Greene

Season: 2015-2016 (Week 6)

Hunt Story

Got in the stand just at daylight. Heard a deer blowing really loud downwind, so I grunted a couple times on my call and poured a little buck urine on the ground. Wind started to change and didn't see any deer after that. Just before 10:00, I stood up in the stand fixing to get down. I saw deer movement in front of me about 100 yards. I sat back down and got my gun ready in position. I saw a very large doe coming at me walking steadily through the woods. I look behind her and see a big antler moving through the woods head down following the doe. I was focusing on the buck when the doe came 20 yards from me and stopped and looked up at me. Evidently the buck saw her reaction and looked in the same direction the doe was looking. He was about 50 yards from me. I had a good shot at his neck, I took the shot and he dropped in his tracks.
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