photo of a deer killed by Alex Yoderphoto of a deer killed by Alex Yoderphoto of a deer killed by Alex Yoder

Hunter: Alex Yoder

Points: 11 (6L, 5R)

County: Dooly

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 9)

Hunt Story

It all started March the 2nd when Jack Lester put a 2-day hunt on our school fundraiser and I bought it. During the summer every few weeks Jack would send me a few pics of the big bucks they are getting pics of. On the morning of November 15th, I added another big buck to their record-setting week, by taking the 4th buck in four days on that farm. It was a nice cold morning. Me and jack got settled in the stand around 20 after 6. Around 7 a clock, Jack grunted a few times and it wasn't a minute later a little buck showed up. We watched him for about 20 minutes til he left, and then about 5 minutes later we saw the shooter buck named Dandy chasing a doe through the woods behind us. We grunted at him and tried to get him to come in closer, but he had his mind set on the doe and they went on. Around 8:30 I watched a doe go into a thicket and a little bit later Jack whispers "shooter buck." This buck was named Dirty Ten, he was after the doe, we watched him for about 5 minutes before he finally came into a little opening. I shot him free handed, he ran about 50 yards and crashed. What an awesome hunt!!!
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