photo of a deer killed by Alex Kitephoto of a deer killed by Alex Kitephoto of a deer killed by Alex Kite

Hunter: Alex Kite

Points: 18 (11L, 7R)

County: Upson

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I got in my lock-on around 5:30 in the afternoon. It was slow for the most part. I had a 4-pointer cruise by early on. Well, he comes back around 6:30 PM after I grunted a few times trying to stir the area up before dark. Deer on this property have always responded to grunts for as long as I’ve hunted there. I was watching the young buck as I noticed something much larger behind my tree. The young deer spooked to what ended being a buck with 18 scoreable points. He was quarter to me the whole time and gave me a shot at 18 yards. I let the Easton Hexx arrow fly out of my Hoyt Torrex. The Sik F4 broad head zipped the deer and stuck in the ground behind him as I watched him run for about 70 yards. I wasn’t very comfortable taking a quartering to shot so I back out the woods for a while. I called Ken Parker who brought his dogs Cooper and Mirko who led us straight to my deer around 130 yards away across the creek on top of a ridge. What we walked up on was something I never expected. I got out of the woods around 11:00 and headed to see my girlfriend and week-old baby girl to show them what I had harvested. Afterwards I drove to my buddy's processor in Cordele, Grinders, where we scored my first bow buck at 161 inches. Which should be a top five all-time bow deer in Upson County.
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