photo of a deer killed by Alex Bradfordphoto of a deer killed by Alex Bradfordphoto of a deer killed by Alex Bradford

Hunter: Alex Bradford

Points: 12 (7L, 5R)

County: Fulton

Season: 2023-2024

Hunt Story

The story started two years ago when I gained permission to a small property in Fulton County. I hunted it super hard last year and passed several 130+ class deer. Got this deer on camera in velvet season almost every night and a good bit in daylight. He stuck around the first couple days of bow season, and then disappeared. Had him on and off with a few daylight photos late September and early October. After disappearing again for about a week, he showed back up a few minutes after dark October 14. Went in after him the following mornings and afternoons and caught a glimpse of him the afternoon of the 15th, but he got spooked by some kids. Got into the stand late the afternoon of the 16th, and immediately had does come in with a little buck chasing a little. A little while later my buck;s running buddy, a big 8-point with a broken leg, came in. I passed him last year as a mid to high 130-inch deer, but he went downhill after breaking his leg. About 10 minutes later I catch movement behind him, and my deer is standing 35 yards from me. He slowly walks in rubbing trees and making scrapes and finally turns broadside at 26 yards. I waited for what felt like an eternity for the other buck to look away, and when he finally did I drew back, checked my alignment, level, anchor point, because I knew I couldn’t mess this up with the tight property lines. I got my 20 pin settled against his shoulder and adjusted for the extra 6 yards and released. I watched my arrow bury right behind his shoulder right in his heart. He took 7 steps and fell over dead! I self filmed the whole hunt, and all of the deer I’ve seen the past two years and hoping to post a video sharing the whole story at LoneOakProductions on YouTube!
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