photo of a deer killed by Alanna Edneyphoto of a deer killed by Alanna Edneyphoto of a deer killed by Alanna Edney

Hunter: Alanna Edney

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Tift

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

I got into the ladder stand around 420 that afternoon. Hadn\t been sitting long and a doe appeared on the edge of a cotton field. She was acting nervous and ran back in the hardwoods not long after that. Later a couple does came out and also a small 8-point with a broken rack. The little buck was grunting and chasing after the does. A little more time went by and they had all went back in the woods. Then I hear a louder grunt that was a lot closer to me. I could hear sticks breaking and after a few minutes out comes this bigger 8-point. He was messing with does and grunting. When he turned sideways in front of me, I pulled the trigger. He was standing about 60 yards and when I shot he ran into the cotton and stopped. He stood still a minute, then he runs toward me and turned to go back to the woods. I could see both sides where the bullet and went in and came out. I shot him with my Ruger M77 Compact in .308. My PA and I had no trouble tracking him. He left a good blood trail and only made it about 75 yards.
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