photo of a deer killed by Adrian Mastphoto of a deer killed by Adrian Mastphoto of a deer killed by Adrian Mast

Hunter: Adrian Mast

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Houston

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

My buddy and I decided to go hunting on the evening of November 1st. So we grabbed our 2 climbers and climbed 25 feet up the same pine tree. My buddy was there to video if I shot something. Around 5:30 about 150 yards away we saw 2 smaller bucks fighting. They were fighting for about 15 minutes when this big 9 (who we had never seen before) came running in. He started fighting the bigger of the 2 bucks. They continued to fight for 45 minutes! They got so tired they would just hang their heads. Finally they stopped and both started walking our way. About 40 yards out the big 9 stopped and made a scrape. Then he started to follow the smaller buck who was walking away, but then he turned and came straight down our lane. He came in to about 25 yards then he stopped turned around and started walking away. He paused at about 28 yards giving me a perfect quartering away shot! He mule kicked and then slowly walked away. We gave him about 2 hours to make sure he was down before we recovered him. I'm so thankful my buddy Phil was there to capture the whole thing! It was the hunt of a lifetime!
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