photo of a deer killed by Adam McKinleyphoto of a deer killed by Adam McKinleyphoto of a deer killed by Adam McKinley

Hunter: Adam McKinley

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Greene

Season: 2019-2020

Hunt Story

I had gotten sort of a late start on going into the woods that day. I climbed up in the stand roughly around 4:15 p.m. I sat for quite a while before I saw any activity. The first deer I saw was a small piebald buck we have been seeing since the beginning of the season. He hung around for about 15 minutes and started walking towards the creek that was directly in front of me about 150 yards or so. I pulled out the grunt call to try and keep him around for a few more minutes just to look at how beautiful he was. He moved on over to the other side of the creek and out of sight in a matter of minutes. I sat there for about 20-30 minutes just looking at God's handy work. I then saw some movement on the other side of the creek bank, thinking it was a doe. It moved to where I could see it better and it was a decent looking buck from what I could tell. I didn't want to move too much or he might see me. He started walking up the side of the creek away from me so I grunted to get his attention. He started to cross the creek, then I heard something behind me. It was a doe that came right by my stand, so I quit using the grunt call so I wouldn't get noticed by her. She moved around in front of where the buck had come out of the creek and he lunged at her to ensue a chase. She ran off faster than he could get to her. I then grunted and he stopped to look around. He then began to eat some acorns off the ground. I pulled up my gun to get a better look at him in the scope. I liked what I saw so I took the shot on him. This would be the first buck I have ever killed that was worthy of a wall mount. I am ready to get back out there and try for buck number two!
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