photo of a deer killed by Adam Lomaxphoto of a deer killed by Adam Lomaxphoto of a deer killed by Adam Lomax

Hunter: Adam Lomax

Points: 13 (7L, 6R)

County: De Kalb

Season: 2021-2022

Hunt Story

The deer showed up on my trail camera a week ago and was only making appearances in the dark. Regardless, I hunted him a few afternoons in hopes he would change his timing. On Monday afternoon I was unable to go to the blind but I got pictures of him right at dark. The following day I was unable to hunt but the buck didn't show up either. On Wednesday, I was able to go and was just hoping to get a glimpse of this monster. I had one doe come by around 6:15 and all was quiet until 7:00. At 7:05 I could hear a deer walking through the woods and stop. I pulled out my binoculars and immediately started to shake with adrenaline. He stood eating acorns at 45 yards for the longest five minutes of my life. Without a clear shot, I waited for him to proceed down the trail. He finally made his way to a scrape 15 yards from my ground blind. With my bow already drawn back, I waited until he turned quartering away broadside and let the arrow fly. The deer immediately tripped forward, turned around, and ran down a hill. Listening as he ran I could hear him crash roughly 40 yards from my location. Even though I was confident with my shot and what I had heard, I waited another 30 minutes to be sure. At the spot of my shot, the blood trail was easy to find and walked me right to him. I quickly realized the tracking was going to be much easier than dragging this behemoth 150 yards out of the woods! This is by far my largest deer to date. My rough scoring calculation has him with a gross score around 174 inches.
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