photo of a deer killed by Adam Hewellphoto of a deer killed by Adam Hewellphoto of a deer killed by Adam Hewell

Hunter: Adam Hewell

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Oconee

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 9)

Hunt Story

This hunt started out as any other but had a crazy ending. It was Sunday morning the 12th, and I had high hopes of seeing some chasing that morning seeing as though the rut was starting any day. Historically I've had the best luck in the "teens" of November for downing big bucks, so I knew I was close. It was approaching 8 a.m. and so far all I had seen was a glimpse of two deer, neither of which I could identify. I was checking my phone as rain was approaching and I did not want to get caught in a down pour. As it started to rain, I decided to go ahead and climb down and head back toward the truck. I strapped my stand on my back and did not bother reloading my rifle. As I headed out I came to a low fence I needed to cross so I leaned my gun on a nearby tree and hoisted the stand up and over not trying to be quiet even. As I let my stand down, I heard some limbs snap nearby but paid it no attention for with the rain the noise had picked up all around. I grabbed my gun and turned around to cross over and caught a quick glimpse of a nice buck emerge from a privet patch but just as quick he disappeared. I slowly chambered a round and was looking in the direction he had ran when I picked him back up. As I pulled my gun up, all I could see was head and antlers but nothing else. He was facing an open area that I assumed he was about to cross. As I'm looking for him to appear something caught my eye beside me. I turned and was shocked to see him standing at 15 yards broadside and panting. He had double backed looking for the hot doe he had been chasing. I quickly turned and let him take two steps before I rested my sights right at his shoulder and fired. He took about two more steps before crashing. I literally stood in amazement at what had just happened and how nice of a deer he was. I had no prior trail pics of him, he seemed to appear from no where. As the rain came down I simply lifted my hands and thanked God for blessing me. My most successful hunts always happen when I least expect it.
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