photo of a deer killed by Adam Hendrixphoto of a deer killed by Adam Hendrixphoto of a deer killed by Adam Hendrix

Hunter: Adam Hendrix

Points: 9 (5L, 4R)

County: Hart

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

That morning me and my daddy woke up and headed to the stand. We hadn't been able to hunt at all this season until that day. We arrived at the spot, and I got out and put on my safety harness and grabbed my bow and began the long walk to the stand. My stand is positioned on the end of a pea patch. I climbed up my stand and got ready for the morning. My daddy climbed up a two-person stand on the other side of the plot. We had been siting there for a good hour before we even saw anything. I leaned out, and I saw the buck eating in the food plot. He went out of sight, and I got up and got ready for a shot. Then I saw him at 20 yards. He keeps walking toward me, then he acts like he is going to turn, so I draw and he doesn't turn. So I'm at full draw for a minute. Then he finally turns, and I release. I couldn't tell were I hit him, and he ran off. He looked like he was hurt when he jumped the creek. That is when I started to celebrate. My daddy came and got me down. We find the arrow, and it looks like I hit him in the gut. We decided to back out and wait until that evening to try to find him. We went back that evening with my uncle and cousin who went with us to help us look. We walked down and began looking, then my daddy saw him 20 yards from were he last saw him. We drug him out and started to take pictures. This was my first deer with a bow. This was an experience I will never forget!
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