photo of a deer killed by Adam Childersphoto of a deer killed by Adam Childersphoto of a deer killed by Adam Childers

Hunter: Adam Childers

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Colquitt

Season: 2016-2017

Hunt Story

I had hunted this area several times prior to this hunt. I was after one deer in particular, but our paths never seemed to cross. I got settled in just before daylight in a hardwood bottom that was loaded with rubs and scrapes. Shortly after 7:00 I heard a grunt. I quietly stood up and grunted back at him two times about 10 seconds apart. I noticed movement about 80 yards in front of me and through my binos I could tell that he had really good mass and tall tines. It looked like he was committed to coming in so I found a shooting lane and ranged it at 40 yards. When he hit that hole, I mamped at him and he stopped perfectly broadside. I took my time settling my pin and flicked my release. It seemed like the arrow flew for 20 seconds before it found its mark! As soon as the arrow made contact, the buck dropped in his tracks. I quickly nocked another arrow and shot him a second time. I knew he was a good buck, but I was not expecting to walk up and find that he was as big as he was. The good Lord certainly blessed me more than I deserve with this one! At the time I shot him, I had never laid eyes on him before. As it turns out, when I later checked a camera, I had actually gotten a picture of him at lunchtime on a scrape 150 yards away the day before. This will most likely go down as the best hunt of my life! I couldn’t have scripted it any better. I have dreamed about big bucks like this since I started hunting 25 years ago and I never would have imagined that dream actually coming true. This truly was the kind of hunt that dreams are made of!
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