photo of a deer killed by Abraham Logginsphoto of a deer killed by Abraham Logginsphoto of a deer killed by Abraham Loggins

Hunter: Abraham Loggins

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Stephens

Season: 2020-2021

Hunt Story

Got to my spot around 3:00 p.m. Wanted to get in the woods early because I had shot a smaller 8-pointer the evening prior on a different portion of the WMA chasing does. So I knew it was possible to see action early. I was correct on this assumption because 10 minutes into my set I had about 15 does come out being chased by two bucks. Some ran over the hill in front of me and some came directly at me and nearly ran me over as I was setting in my chair on the ground attached to a tree. This intense action continued the entire hunt. At around four o’clock the action had died down a little as I was setting listening I heard something coming over the hill to my right. I stood up to see the big buck at about 30 yards coming right at me. He spotted me at the same time I saw him he turned ran down in a valley and came out on an adjacent hill side. When he stopped I took the shot. I tracked him for about 80 yards and found him piled up on side of the mountain heading down to the creek. By the time I got to the buck I had seen around 30 plus deer that evening including a piebald doe which I had never seen before while hunting. It was some of the most intense rut action I had ever seen in the whitetail woods and the most deer I’d ever seen in one set. It was a unbelievable hunt for public land. My buddy Aj and I both tagged out on two bucks a piece in two days. My buddy Stephen Giles and Trent Blalock do great work on that WMA to improve the habitat and it’s shows in quality hunting opportunities.
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