Georgia Deer Records

GON began the effort to compile records of Georgia bucks more than 30 years ago. The County-by-County records were first published in the early 1990s after years of traveling the state going through old boxes of score sheets, measuring racks, and following up on rumors of legendary bucks. Only racks measured by certified Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young scorers are included. All scores are net. Once a rack is measured by a certified scorer, that is the buck’s official score. The rack cannot be measured again by a different scorer.

To be included in the GON Georgia Deer Records, email a digital photo of the score sheet that includes the signature and certification number of the scorer to [email protected], and please include a photo of the hunter with the buck. To have a photo added to an existing listing, simply email the image.

Visit this page to find a certified measurer.

Search Tips: To see the all-time County-by-County rankings, only select the county and no other search criteria. If you search for your name, it’s going to display you with a No. 1 ranking. The search will display and rank listings based on the search criteria that’s inputted. If you select a county, and also select a year, and also select a method (gun, bow, muzzleloader or crossbow), you are going to see listings ranked for that county, killed that year, by the method you chose in the search.

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31140 2/8 John Cantwell2003GreeneGun
32140 Ron Bykowski2006GreeneGunView 
33140 Jim Boswell2012GreeneGun
34139 5/8 Billy Wilbanks1999GreeneGun
35159 6/8 (NT)Phil Loving1970GreeneGun
36138 2/8 Leon Harris2019GreeneGunView 
37138 Kenneth Bohannon1994GreeneGun
38137 6/8 Haywood Crumbley2009GreeneBowView 
39137 5/8 Jay Sykes1994GreeneGunView 
40137 4/8 Kevin Penn2020GreeneGunView