Tired Creek Lake

Tired Creek Lake in north Grady County opened to public fishing on May 25, 2018.

Viewed from above, the lake has the look of a giant turkey track. It is formed where three minor creeks—the Buss, Sapp and Black—feed into Tired Creek. At full pool, Tired Lake will have 960 acres of fishable water. The lake was allowed to fill slowly, and as a result a lot of organic matter grew up in the basin, which provided the fish great cover.

The water is a deep black, like many of the tannic-stained creeks in north Florida, and there is cover everywhere in the form of standing timber and submerged vegetation. The lake isn’t just some shallow bowl either. There is depth to it, and in some areas it’s as deep as 30 feet.

Tired Creek Lake is a good one for smaller jonboats, kayaks and canoes, particularly for those wanting to get back into the creeks. Bigger boats will do fine in the main-lake area, but care should be used when going into the tighter areas. There are thick areas of submerged grass and stumps near the creek mouths that need to be navigated.

There are three public boat ramps for lake access. There’s a ramp on Gainous Road, one on State Park Road, and there’s a dirt ramp on Cedar Springs Road.

The lake is county maintained, and there will be no use fees for Grady County residents. However, folks who live outside of the county must pay for daily use.

The lake will have no additional regulations governing its use other than what the state of Georgia requires of all boaters and anglers, except no airboats will be permitted. There is no motor-size restriction.

The daily usage fee for non-Grady County residents is now $10.

Kids 15 and under can still fish for free.

The lake is also adding an option to get a yearly pass for $200.

The lake authority is also suggesting new limits and size restrictions for bass, bream and crappie fish.

  • Bass: A slot limit of five per person. The fish has to be between 12 and 16 inches. One can be over 16 inches.
  • Bream: 25 per person.
  • Crappie: 25 per person. It has to be at least 10 inches to keep.


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