St. Marys River

The 126-mile-long St. Marys River emerges from the southeast corner of the Okefenokee Swamp and flows south, then east, then north, then east-southeast, finally emptying its waters into the Atlantic near St. Marys, Georgia and Fernandina Beach, Florida.

St. Marys River Articles

South Georgia Gator Hunt

The population rebound of the American alligator is one of the great wildlife stories of my lifetime. I have been applying for a permit since Georgia’s first alligator season and was finally selected for the 2006 season. As I reflect on that awesome hunt I had last year, my excitement level builds in anticipation of…

St. Marys River Panfish

When I think of panfishing on the St. Marys River, my friend Brentz McGhin of Blackshear immediately comes to mind. For years I have seen photos of trip after trip where he caught a mixed bag of panfish from the coffee-colored waters of this border river. The St. Marys River stretches 130 river miles from…

Crankin’ For Rip-Rap Redfish

At the mouth of the St. Marys River on the Florida-Georgia border, a wide dredged channel runs east into the ocean for about a mile. It is a deep channel, one that allows part of our nuclear submarine fleet access to their port at Kings Bay. On the north and south of the channel, jetties…

Southeast Georgia Fishing Reports With Capt. Bert Deener – Feb. 2, 2024

The stable (but colder) weather this week produced some good catches. The rivers are still high, but they are coming down to fishable levels. Lakes, ponds and saltwater had the best catches reported this week.…

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St. Marys River Record Fish

Largemouth Bass11-lbs., 4-ozs.Don Durr04/13/19
Bluegill1-lb., 10.56-ozs.Shirley D. Purser05/12/20
Warmouth1-lb., 1.44-ozs.Brentz McGhin04/05/24
Spotted Sunfish6.9-ozs.Brentz McGhin05/05/23
Redbreast8.9-ozs.Brentz McGhin05/06/23
White Catfish1-lb., 8.32-ozs.Brentz McGhin04/05/24