Ogeechee River

The Ogeechee River begins its 294-mile trek toward the coast with headwaters in Taliaferro County near Crawfordville. The Ogeechee offers very good fishing for redbreast and also for bass, catfish and crappie. The blackwater river is a free-flowing stream, one of few significant rivers remaining with no dams.

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Ogeechee Warmouth Gives Glenn Settles Six River Records

  Glenn Settles lives on the Ogeechee River between Statesboro and Sylvania. His riverside home gives him the opportunity to fish several evenings a week. He loves the leisure of fishing for redbreast sunfish. What he rarely catches on the river is warmouth, but June 21 was different. “I was fishing for redbreast sunfish with…

Hickory Shad Breaks Georgia State Record

In just over one year, the same Georgia river produced two state-record hickory shad. Timmy Woods, of Kite, was fishing on the Ogeechee River Feb. 20 when he reeled in the new state-record hickory shad. His catch weighed 2-lbs., 10-ozs., and broke a 1-year-old mark that weighed 2-lbs., 3-ozs. “The Ogeechee River is the place…

Ogeechee River Hickory Shad Sets State Record

A day of fishing is good, but you know what makes it even better? A day you catch a new state record! Christian Blake Jones, of Swainsboro, was out targeting crappie on the Ogeechee River when he reeled in this new state-record hickory shad. His catch, caught on a stretch of the Ogeechee in Emanuel…

EPD Set To Relax Permit For Ogeechee River Textile Plant

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has issued a draft permit—a final permit will come soon—that would relax testing requirements and discharge restrictions for a textile plant in Screven County with a history of damaging discharges into the Ogeechee River. A 2011 incident at the plant near Dover caused one of the worst fish kills…

Ogeechee River Record American Shad

Jason Cone caught a 3-lb., 2.88-oz. American shad on the Ogeechee River on March 22, 2018 that set a benchmark record for the Ogeechee.

Ogeechee River Record Fish

Largemouth Bass10-lbs., 14-ozs.Robert Attaway Jr.05/08/06
Striped Bass30-lbs.Ellis Arnold Phillips02/27/89
Redbreast1-lb., 5-ozs.Harley Morris06/18/98
Shellcracker2-lbs., 8-ozs.Linda Swan11/04/05
Chain Pickerel4-lbs., 15-ozs.Curt Sutton06/24/96
Channel Catfish23-lbs.Glenn Settles06/21/14
Brown Bullhead4-lbs., 1.04-ozs.Glenn Settles04/06/21
Yellow Bullhead4-lbs., 15-ozs.Glenn Settles10/12/03
Hickory Shad2-lbs., 10-ozs.Timmy Woods02/20/22
American Shad3-lbs., 2.88-ozs.Jason Cone03/22/18
Bluegill1-lb., 7.04-ozs.Chance DeLoach06/30/19
Spotted Sunfish7-ozs.Glenn Settles05/23/21
Black Crappie2-lbs., 3-ozs.Glenn Settles12/11/21
Warmouth1-lb., 4-ozs.Glenn Settles06/21/22