Alapaha River

The Alapaha River begins its 202-mile trek in Dooly County and flows generally southeast through or along the boundaries of Crisp, Wilcox, Turner, Ben Hill, Irwin, Tift, Berrien, Atkinson, Lanier, Lowndes and Echols counties. Once in Hamilton County, Florida, it flows into the Suwannee River.

The Alapaha contains bluegill, redbreast, warmouth, crappie, several species of catfish, pickerel and is home to the Suwannee bass on the lower end.

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Alapaha River Bottom Fishing

If you are looking for an outdoor activity to get you feeling truly immersed into the autumn season, try your luck in wetting a line in the scenic, dark waters of the often-overlooked Alapaha River of south Georgia. What do you want to fish for? You name it. The fish diversity is quite impressive. Pretty…

Alapaha River Largemouth Record Broken Again

When Garrett Mullis, of Lakeland, put his feet into the Alapaha River to do some wade fishing with his friends on Saturday, Aug. 22, he had no idea of the good fortune that lay in store for him. “Really the plan was just to spend the afternoon catching some bream with crickets. We had caught…

Alapaha River Largemouth Record Set

On June 10, Kevin Mullis, of Waycross, headed for the Alapaha River in the early morning hours with hopes that he and his cousin Jesse Tatum would be able to put a few bass in the boat. Little did he know that fate, luck and skill would soon come together to aid in catching an…

Blackwater Redbelly Slam

A quick flick of the wrist and the underhanded toss sent the tiny spinner sailing under a low-lying bough of a bell-bottom cypress, bumping a root lying at the edge of the black water. A glimpse of the small, gold blade spiraling down and BANG!  The little whippy rod instantly bent to the water, the…

Giant Gar From Alapaha River

This longnose gar weighed 30-lbs., 4-ozs. on certified scales and measured a whopping 56- inches long. It’s working its way through the Wildlife Resource Division’s certification process as a new Georgia state record. Chad Leonard of Nashville was catfishing on Sept. 5 along the banks of the Alapaha River near Willacoochee. He was casting a…

Alapaha River Record Fish

Bowfin9-lbs., 0.32-ozs.Glen Solomon07/26/19
Largemouth Bass8-lbs., 10.64-ozs.Garrett Mullis08/22/20