Meeks Nursery

Our family has made its living from the fields and forests of the South for seven generations. From Maryland through the Carolinas’ to Georgia, our family was here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow.

Fifteen years ago, we started growing container seedlings. The first year we started small grew 100,000 longleaf seedlings. We started small to learn how to grow quality seedlings and have certainly learned a lot since that first crop. Since that spring in 1996, our production has risen to near 13 million seedlings this year.

We attribute our success to producing top quality seedlings and selling them at fair prices and always putting the customers’ needs first.

We will be happy to provide a list of customers and references at your request. Go ahead and check us out. Take the guess work out of buying container seedlings. Ask for Deep Plugs from Meeks’ Farms. Font accept substitutes or excuses. Go ahead and buy the six inch Deep Plug. You’ll be glad you did.