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Hiking Grinnell Glacier Trail At Glacier National Park

  It was moving day at Glacier National Park and I’d just claimed my first-come, first-served campsite at Many Glacier campground just outside of Babb, Montana. It’s a challenging morning when you are at GNP trying to get a campsite. I’ll get to my hike in a minute, but this is part of the story.…

Review: Two Medicine Campground Glacier National Park

It’s a long way from Madison, Georgia to Kalispell, Montana, and it takes a long time to get there. It’s noon on Saturday afternoon and I’ve made it. My plan for the next seven nights is scratched into my mind but there are lots of variables that need to fall into place for a smooth…

Benton Falls Hike – Parksville Lake Campground

I was lucky to have a number of days off during the Christmas holidays. So after the chaos that comes along with presents, family gatherings, bowl games and way too much food, I decided to take a couple of days and escape to the mountains. I was looking for something new. After a few quick…

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Cheoah Point Campground Review

When I was younger, summer was my favorite season of the year. No school and a trip to the beach made it the clear winner. I’ve been out of school for more than 30 years now, I lived at the beach for five years, and I haven’t had a spring break since 1988. Summer has…

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Hiking Georgia’s Blood Mountain Trail

I can’t even tell you how many times during the last 35 years I have driven up over Blood Mountain on Highway 129. Left turn. Right turn. Hairpin turn. That’s the route I took when I lived in Marietta as a teenager and the route I still take headed from Morgan County as an old…

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