Scrapbook – December 2022

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Spy-Cam – December 2022

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Deep Holes Near Grass For December Seminole Bass

Lake Seminole is far enough south that the fall feeding spree you enjoyed up north in October and early November is still in full swing this month. You can catch shallow Seminole bass feeding up during December in a variety of ways, but rather than getting ready for winter, they are already getting ready for…

17-Year-Old’s Quest Ends With 185-Inch Giant

Sumner Powell is no stranger to the deer-hunting limelight. At age 8, the now Tift County High School junior became one of the youngest participants ever in the GON Truck-Buck Shoot-Out. He didn’t win, but he was a crowd favorite as he advanced through the single-elimination rounds and made it to the final 10 shooters.…

‘First Time, Best Time’ For 18-point, 170-Inch Buck

For four years, cameras recorded the periodic appearances of a giant 170-class white-tailed deer roaming Monroe County, but no human eyes ever saw the monster buck—until one special day. “This deer usually came out between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.,” said Hunter Roberson. “Nobody ever saw him in person during daylight. I have a stand…

Featured Truck-Buck Entry: Tall-Tined 12

Deanna Davis with her Taylor County 12-pointer. View All Bucks

Hunter Passes From Heart Attack After Dragging Buck Out

Fate doesn’t allow us to determine exactly how or when we’ll leave this earth, but Erin Temples and her brother Cole find peace in knowing their father passed away exactly how he wished. No hindsight ip unit displayed. Their father, Dan Temples, of Milledgeville, died of a surprise heart attack on Oct. 19 shortly after…

Featured Truck-Buck Entry: Tift Co. 10-Point Giant

Jeremy Doss and his 10-pointer — hear the history with this buck that goes back to 2018.  View All Bucks

Big-Browed Banks County Buck Will Rank High In Records

There are 159 counties in the state of Georgia, and each is quite different when it comes to the quality of deer hunting and the quality of bucks it might produce. That’s one reason GON’s Georgia Deer Records are so valued. Banks County in northeast Georgia isn’t known as a top trophy-buck county. The No.…

Avian Influenza Impacts Birds Across Georgia

For Jenkins County landowner Robert Jenkins, it was a ghoulish scene right out of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” “They were logging on my property and they came to me and said that I had a lot of dead birds around my ponds,’” he said. “I went back there to see, and there were…

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