photo of a deer killed by Stephanie Odomphoto of a deer killed by Stephanie Odomphoto of a deer killed by Stephanie Odom

Hunter: Stephanie Odom

Points: 10 (5L, 5R)

County: Early

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 4)

Hunt Story

I was out of school for fall break, and it was the first time the wind was right for this particular stand. My husband, Shannon, told me to go sit it, so I did. It was so hot and humid, but I sucked it up and went hunting. I got in the stand about 4:30. About 5:00 the 10-pointer came in from behind me. I videoed him until he circled around me and walked out of sight. For the next hour does came from every direction. Then a big 6-pointer came in. My oldest son, Dawson, likes the 6, so I passed him up. He left, and then the 10 stepped into the feeding area. I stood up and picked up my bow very slowly. There were does everywhere, so I had to be careful not to spook them. The 10 was quartering toward me, so I waited until he turned a little bit. When he did, I drew back and held. When I had it tucked behind his shoulder, I released and it smacked him. He ran right under my stand. He ran through the water and got tangled up in some vines. I heard him snort out then all went quiet. He was down about 20 yards behind me. I was so pumped I was shaking all over when I called my husband. When he and my youngest son, Noah, walked in to me, they immediately saw blood sprayed everywhere. I climbed down out of my lock-on, and we followed the blood trail right up to my deer. That was such an adrenaline rush and an awesome feeling to harvest a mature buck with my bow!!
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