photo of a deer killed by Jacob Alexander Boytphoto of a deer killed by Jacob Alexander Boytphoto of a deer killed by Jacob Alexander Boyt

Hunter: Jacob Alexander Boyt

Points: 8 (4L, 4R)

County: Upson

Season: 2017-2018 (Week 5)

Hunt Story

You can't get him if your not there. It was a clear Friday afternoon after work. I worked a little late and we wasn't going to be able to hunt about a hour or so. I left straight from work where my wife met me at the hunting land with my son. We walked straight to the hunting blind about 6:00 where we got settled in the blind. We wasn't having any activity except for the cows feeding out in front of us. Three quarters of the way through the hunt, my son and I was getting discouraged about not seeing anything. I was trying to be a little optimistic and keep him hopeful of seeing a buck. At about 7:05 I caught some movement in the side of the food plot. I quickly pulled up the binoculars and saw that it was the buck that I was getting in the trail camera. I repositioned my son and got him in position to fire the shot. He got dialed in on the front shoulder when the deer stepped out of sight. We sat there which seemed like forever with no more sight of he buck. As I was about to give up because we were not going to be within legal shooting time, the buck stepped out broadside at 35 yards. With my son already ready from seeing the buck earlier, it didn't take him 20 seconds to place the crosshairs on his shoulder and squeeze off a round. The buck buckled and ran to the field behind us and down the wood line. We quickly went to the truck to the get the flashlight and the tracking began. We started where we saw him running along the wood line and quickly picked up the blood. The tracking quickly ended when we found him only 15 yards inside the woods. Wow, what a great first buck. It only shows that it doesn't matter what you have on or the time you have to spend in the woods. A little time in the woods is always better than no time.
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