Plotmaster Systems, Ltd. develops new, cost-effective piece of equipment to plant Native Warm Season Grasses

Jim Ising | September 2, 2008

WRIGHTSVILLE, GA – July 28, 2008. There are currently over 36 million acres of land in the U.S. enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Programs (CRP). With today’s ever increasing need to conserve natural habitat and ecosystems for birds and other wildlife, Plotmaster™ Systems Ltd. has recently developed the “Ultimate Planting Machine” for planting Native Warm Season Grasses (NWSGs) and other seed blends to restore and improve these vital wildlife environments. The new Frontier Plotmaster™ series manufactured by Plotmaster Systems Ltd and distributed by Frontier Equipment through John Deere dealers has a unique (patent-pending) reverse-auger brush seeding system (VERSA Seeding System™) that will dispense and plant virtually all types of seed including NWSGs and hard-to-plant seed blends in a single pass. The Plotmaster™, with its revolutionary new one-pass planting process, saves an enormous amount of time, money, and effort in planting NWSGs and food plots for wildlife.

In the past, planting these NWSGs and/or seed blends has been a very costly and cumbersome process which involved using a myriad of different equipment including plows, disks, grain drills, custom drills, air spreaders, broadcast spreaders, and/or cultipackers. Often times it is necessary to make multiple passes to get the desired results. One of the main problems in planting NWSG seed is that most are very small and “fluffy” and have awns on them that make them very difficult to handle and plant. Several companies currently offer de-bearded seed which has helped to eliminate some of the planting problems, however, even with these de-bearded seed, the recommended planting process for these NWSGs involves the following steps:

1. Plowing – to break up the ground
2. Disking – to cultivate the soil
3. Cultipacking – to level and prepare smooth, firm seed bed
4. Planting – to dispense and plant the seeds
5. Cultipacking – to cover and pack for good soil/seed contact

This process can take up to as many as five (5) passes over a field to establish the required results. With today’s ever increasing cost of fuel, seed, and equipment, this process can become a very expensive proposition. Plotmaster™ Systems, Ltd has recently developed a special NWSG Seeding System for its Plotmaster units that will allow its users to plant NWSGs in a single pass under most circumstances. If the site contains a large amount of vegetation, it may take two or more passes to plant these seeds. As with most planting processes, it is highly recommended that vegetation be mechanically and/or chemically removed before planting.

Unlike many of the custom NWSG drills or other equipment currently in use for planting NWSGs, the Plotmaster™, which can plant all types of seed and seed blends effectively, has many other applications including reclamation projects, CRP plantings, roadside re-vegetation, wildlife habitat restoration, wildlife food plots, wildflower roadside and median planting, DNR projects, NRCS projects, pasture over-seeding, restoration projects, wetland restoration, landscaping, garden plots, vineyard/orchard work, erosion control and other soil/land preparation applications.

The use of Plotmaster’s single pass planting system has proven to be very cost-effective compared to traditional planting equipment. Users enjoy substantial savings on fuel, labor, maintenance and wear/tear on equipment, as well as the overall lower purchase price of equipment. In tests, this one-pass planting system has saved up to $100 per acre in planting NWSGs. For contractors planting NWSGs, the savings can be significant, especially with today’s high fuel prices!

Here what a few of the users are saying about the new Plotmaster™ Seeding System for planting NWSGs:

“My new Plotmaster Seeding System is versatile, accurate, and easy to use. I recently planted 23 acres (at a planting rate of 9 lbs per acre of Pure Live Seed) with less than 1 ounce of seed left over. The unit makes a significant difference in the cost of planting my seeds!”

-Jack Walker of Abbeville, GA/ Retired Forrester/NWSGs Contractor

“I am very pleased with my new Plotmaster™. This unit will perform as advertised! It has saved me an enormous amount of time and money in planting my seeds and seed blends. I am a contractor and I plant LOTs of seed including NWSGs for my customers. It has saved me an enormous amount of time and money in planting all my seeds and seed blends. Better yet, my customers and I are very happy with the results! ”

-Bob Addison of Abbeville, GA /NWSG Contractor

With proper seedbed preparation and the right equipment, you can plant NWSGs cost-effectively and conserve the wildlife on your property as well as their habitat for years to come. This can be done with a minimal effort and investment. John Deere, Frontier Equipment, and Plotmaster Systems, Ltd are proud to be a part of this conservation effort. With today’s ever-rising cost and the myriad of USDA programs available, landowners and producers now have tremendous flexibility and incentive to develop a conservation cropping system that meets production objectives, improves environmental quality, enhances wildlife habitat, and helps farmers be good stewards of their land and its natural resources. The Plotmaster™ with its new NWSG Seeding System will prove to be a very valuable piece of equipment to anyone interested in planting NWSG and improving the wildlife habitat on their property. For more information on the National Conservation Initiative, visit your County USDA Farm Services Center or see

For more information on the Plotmaster™ and its new NWSG Seeding System, please call 1-888-MAX-GAME or visit

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