Muzzy’s “Big Game Xtreme 5”

Stephanie Mallory | April 18, 2007

Cartersville, GA — Not for the easily intimidated, Muzzy’s “Big Game Xtreme 5” will put you right in the middle of 20 bone-chilling hunts for some of the biggest, most dangerous game animals on the continent.

Featuring an incredible collection of fair-chase hunts with bow, rifle and muzzleloader throughout the U.S. and Canada, this DVD will take you on a wild pursuit for black bear, caribou, elk, Rocky Mountain goat, whitetail, mule deer and more.

You’ll watch Tom Miranda take on a massive moose, and you’ll tag along with Ted Jaycox, Ray Boone and Pat Reeve during their treks through some of the most unforgiving and remote territory you’ve ever seen in pursuit of caribou. You’ll see Trevor Chandler test his wits against a monster whitetail; and you’ll watch in astonishment as Brain Soyko does what he does best when faced with a 200-inch trophy mule deer. 

You can purchase “Big Game Xtreme 5” at your local Muzzy retailer or online at You’ll receive a free Muzzy window decal with your purchase.

For more information on Muzzy Products, call 1-800-222-7769, or go to

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