10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas From GON

Just a shameless wish list for my wife and in-laws, and maybe it will help some other folks with their Dad's Day gift ideas.

Beau Tallent | June 6, 2019

I know how hard it is to get a good gift for my dad on Father’s Day. The man buys what he wants. I figure my wife and in-laws probably have the same problem buying something for me on Father’s Day, so I put together a wish list.

This is hunting and fishing stuff and some other outdoor products I have an eye on.


Rapala USA has put together some convenient functionality on their website that makes ordering a Father’s Day gift super easy. Click here to go to the Rapala Father’s Day Gift Finder, and then you can drill down to a preferred type of fishing (freshwater or saltwater).

You can put together a great gift package from Rapala, which also has other great brands under the Rapala umbrella that include VMC hooks and jigs, Storm Lures, Terminator and Luhr Jenson.

A gift package of Rapala gear that included some of my personal favorites would start with the standard in any angler’s crankbait box—a couple of No. 7 Shad Rap crankbaits. Next would be a Storm Chug Bug, easily my go-to for topwater, whether I’m fishing a south Georgia farm pond or calling up spotted bass or stripers over a main-lake hump on Lanier. Throw in some VMC Heavy Duty Wide Gap hooks for fishing flukes and floating worms and a Terminator spinnerbait, and you’d make this dad very happy on Father’s Day.



120 rounds of .300 ACC Blackout ammo, $79.99

Trust me, a guy can never have too much ammunition. If someone gives me a gift card, it typically goes toward bullets or shells. I love to shoot, whether it’s my .45 ACP, plinking with the .22s, busting skeet with the shotguns or working on extending my range with the deer rifles.

There are Daily Deals and everyday good prices at Palmetto State Armory, and if you buy your ammo there using these links, GON gets a small commission as an affiliate partner, which helps us keep doing what we do.



Slumberjack Strider Hunting Day Pack, $99.99

I’m due for a new hunting backpack—something I use almost every single time I go to the woods, whether I’m deer hunting, duck hunting or turkey hunting. I found this Slumberjack Strider Day Pack at

It’s priced more than right at $99.99 (regularly $129.95), and it has all the features, storage and specialized pockets I need. I also like that it doesn’t have a bunch of added backpack features that add expense but that I would never use or need.

The Slumberjack weighs just 2-lbs., 4-ozs., and it has a storage volume of 1,602 cubic inches—it holds a lot. The height is 21 inches, width 14 inches, and the depth is 10 inches. BlackOvis offers free shipping, and the Slumberjack has a 100% return guarantee.



A GON Father’s Day Member Pack includes a 12-month membership, a GON hat, and two decals (one red and one camo).

Regardless of what else you buy your favorite father, GON needs to be a part of that.

A GON standard membership for $19.95 gets him 12 issues of the print magazine, online access to the digital version on all devices plus the digital back issues, and special access to member-only benefits like one-hour exclusive access to all GON classified ads before the general public can see them. You can order a gift subscription at, and there’s a handy GON Father’s Day gift notice you can print to include with a card.

For Father’s Day, GON has put together a $30 Father’s Day Member Pack, with free shipping, available until noon on June 14, 2019. The $30 Father’s Day Member Pack is a savings of $12.40. It includes a 12-month membership (12 issues of the magazine, plus all member benefits), a GON hat, and two GON decals. To order the GON Father’s Day Member Pack, call the GON office at 800.438.4663 during business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Offer ends at 12 noon on Friday, June 14, 2019.


If I’m heading to a hunt camp, I like for all my camping gear to fit in a backpack, including the tent. The Optic 2.5 from Mountain Hardwear is super high-quality, and it weighs just 6 pounds.

Optic 2.5 Tent from Mountain Hardwear, $240

A cool feature is a design that offers a new twist on traditional tents with full-size doors on adjacent sides that zip away to create an open view. Various tie-backs allow you to customize your view up to 180 degrees. That would have come in very handy during a Colorado mountain elk hunt when I was quite curious about what was circling my tent at 2 a.m.

With more space than a standard two-person tent, the Optic 2.5 easily fits two, plus room for some gear inside. See more details, or purchase directly from Mountain Hardwear.



Not that I plan on sticking my truck again this fall, but better safe than sorry. The Smittybilt Recoil Kinetic Rope is designed for those tough situations where a regular tow strap is not strong enough. This rope stretches underload to store kinetic energy to literally catapult a vehicle out of a very stuck situation. It’s not always easy to talk your buddy into hauling a tractor out there in the middle of the night — just saying, honey. 

The breaking strength of the Smittybilt Recoil Kinetic Rope is 30,000 pounds. It’s 1-inch by 30 feet long, and it comes with a storage bag. If you use these links to order from, the sales tax is paid, and you will likely qualify for free shipping. (Hint: is also a great place to buy someone special a new winch!) 


Carhartt Workwear Long-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, $22.99 to $26.99

If there’s one-click shopping for Father’s Day where you pretty much can’t go wrong, this Carhartt Father’s Day sale is it.

Pants, boots, jackets, socks, duck bib overalls—maybe even a nice mix of various Carhartt goodies—that would work for me.

My wife is probably saying, “You already have Carhartt hats, and about every color of Carhartt shirts.

But it says NEW COLORS right there on the website. Go look! 



BattlBox offers monthly boxes or curated speciality boxes.

There’s something about getting a surprise in the mail every month—I love these monthly subscription gifts. I liked my Bourbon of the Month gift a little too much, so I’m going with gear boxes on my wish list for this Father’s Day.

BattlBox is a monthly subscription service delivering handpicked survival, camping, tracking, outdoor and EDC gear (EDC is short for Every Day Carry gear). BattlBox buys in large wholesale quantities, which allow the boxes to have a MSRP of up to double the cost of the box.

Battlbox also offers special one-time boxes that are great gifts, ranging in price from $39.99 to $49.99. There’s a Hunting Gift Box, a Camping Gift Box and even a Safe 4 Kids Gift Box. There’s a Premium Father’s Day Box for $119.99 that’s has a MSRP of $219.92. The box includes two knives, an Olight LED flashlight and a micro driver and bit set with a carrying case.



Huk is offering 25% off select shirts, shorts and briefs through June 17, 2019, “Because the men who command a ship and family deserve more this Captain’s Day.“

For the Father’s Day discount, use the links here, and at check out use code: CAPTAIN19

According to their website, “Huk is the story of a collective of anglers who set out to create performance fishing gear to weather any storm—and ended up taking the entire fishing apparel industry by storm.”

I included pictures of two Huk items I saw on their website that I really liked, the short-sleeve shirt and the trucker hat.



Go to Sportsman’s Guide, where they have Father’s Day gift suggestions broken out by price range. You can browse suggestions for gifts under $25, under $50 and under $100.

If none of those suggestions work for your Father’s Day gift, you can always get dad a Sportsman’s Guide Gift Card customized to whatever value you’d like.



Note: We might receive a small commission for some items mentioned in this article when purchased through companies that help us as affiliate sponsors.

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