5 Black Friday Outdoor Deals

Erika Cochran | November 27, 2019

Sitting home because your wife gave you a honey-do list while she cooks for the family? Take a look at these deals, and buy yourself something nice for all of your hard work.

You might be that fisherman who wishes they could be on the water right now crossing the eyes on a few largemouth. What also goes with that dream is a new fishing reel. Bass Pro has a sweet deal on the Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcasting Reel. On any other day, you would pay $199.99, but on Black Friday, it’s on sale for only $124.97. Buy the reel and know the buy is justified with all of the work you have put in this holiday season with helping the wife.

Maybe you aren’t a fisherman, and instead you are sitting in your recliner wishing you were in the woods watching that 8-point feed in a food plot. To help your daydream of sitting in the woods, you can have a Spypoint Cellular Game Camera sitting near your stand sending you pictures of what is or isn’t at your stand. The cellular game camera is on sale now for $99.97, compared to its original price of $149.99. 

Duck hunters have some great deals going on over at Black Friday through Cyber Monday. You can get 15% to 20% off brands Gator Waders, Lacrosse and Frogg Toggs, with an additional 20% all Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. Be sure to check out before you get to the swamp and realize you have water seeping through your bibb.

Maybe in past Christmas’, you have received a GoPro that is still sitting in the box unopened that you have been trying to figure out how to use. Maybe you have a trail camera you wish you could mount higher up a tree and at an angle. has a great deal for Black Friday with a strap-on camera arm. This camera arm supports cameras up to 4 pounds and has 360-degree lateral rotation and 120-degree vertical tilt. The camera arm is on sale for $29.99 with the original price of $49.99.

Carhartt products rarely go on sale, especially their jackets. This Black Friday, Carhartt has over 370 items discounted. We specially picked out their Full Swing® Cryder Jacket to share with you. This jacket comes in four different colors and in multitudes of sizes. The jacket is originally priced at $159.99 – $174.99 and is 25% off for Black Friday.

A killer deal on 1,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition is on sale through Palmetto State Armory. After a mail-in rebate, you’ll end up only paying $139.00 for the 1,000 rounds of Federal 115-grain FMJ Black Pack. This includes free shipping and is a package that regularly runs $189.99.

At only .14 cents per round, you can certainly afford to spend the next few months at the range fine tuning your pistol skills.

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